Mark Your Calenders

September is time to celebrate. Join me.
join me

ALL September

  • Fall Hat Month
  • HAPPY CAT MONTH! You know what the happiest cats are? Purple dancing sparkly ones. (Speaking of which, bonus points to Jon and Janelle for sending me this picture. I’m going to print it and hang it on my bulletin board.)
    purple sparkly dancing cat
  • Library Card Sign-up Month! Or, if you just want to stop by the library this afternoon and have me laminate your student ID for you, I can do that, because I totally know how to run BOTH laminators now. New mission: LAMINATE THE WORLD!
  • National Piano Month! I can do that. And Stacey has Hymns Modern and Ancient!
  • National Rice Month. Wait. I thought was July. No, that’s just when I ate rice for an entire month. When I wasn’t snacking on chicken feet, of course.

Next week (8-15)

  • International Housekeepers Week. Go Mom!!
  • 9-8: The roomie’s birthday! Olive Garden, anyone?
  • 9-8: International Literacy Day. Reading–especially reading God’s Word–is a great gift. Give thanks for it.
  • 9-9: Wonderful Weirdos Day. Not that I’ll celebrate that one.
  • 9-13: Blame Someone Else Day. It’s not MY fault if y’all don’t choose to celebrate this!

September 15-21

  • National Singles Week. Wait. We’ve been at Bible school for two whole weeks. How is anyone here still single?!
  • 9-16: Mother, Mother, Best AND Dearest OF Mother’s Birthday. Her first birthday in 20 years when I haven’t been with her to give her a candle or bubble bath or new hot pads or something like that. (That about sums up your presents, doesn’t it?)
  • 9-18: Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day. Just not if he/she is the opposite gender and you’re an ABC student.
  • Everyone’s favorite…. 9-19: Talk Like a Pirate Day. I AM GOING TO GET THE ENTIRE CAMPUS TO CELEBRATE THIS.
  • 9-21: World Alzheimer’s Day. (If you can remember it, that is.) Love you, Grandma.

September 22-28

  • Tolkien Week. Yup, they’re all in the ABC library. Dewey Decimal number: F T649.
  • 9-22: Everyone’s second favorite….Elephant Appreciation Day! Have you appreciated your elephant lately? Well? HAVE YOU?
  • Also on the 22nd, Hobbit Day! I think I can probably also talk some people here into celebrating that.
  • Puncuation: Day, Sept. 24? It’s… (always) “fun.”
  • 9-27: Ask a Stupid Question Day. Don’t ask why. That’s too intelligent. Just celebrate it.
  • 9-28: Fish Tank Floorshow Night. Yes! LET’S HAVE A FISH SHOW IN THE LOUNGE, OK?

Last, but certainly not least, National Coffee Day (Sept. 29).


Isn’t that every day at college?

Have a happy September, y’all.

College is Strange


No, I don’t mean that I need to clean my room. Well, OK. My desk may be just a teensy-weensy bit messy. Also, I think I need to take out the trash. But Jenna and I have passed BOTH room inspections this week (unlike SOME people who got INFRACTIONS!), so we must be doing pretty well.

No, no. What I mean by “housekeeping” is that I have a few random, desultory, and otherwise catagory-less issues to address…beginning with fan mail.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Fan mail. Now, before you roll your eyes in exasperation at my presumptuousness, let me assure you, dear reader, that I am quite serious. I have fans! My mother, first of all, obviously. And since she’s like one of the coolest people to have ever graced the face of the terrestrial globe, I’m pretty proud of having acquired that fan. And also my bestest friends. But that’s not all. Two–yes, TWO!–students came up to me after my last post and told me they like my blog. And now one’s, like, pressuring me to write again because I’m so witty and I make her laugh and all that stuff. Sigh. Guys. It’s so difficult, dealing with fans! Also, now I may or may not have to watch whom I quote on here… But anyhow. Onto the fan mail.

Joy asks, “HOW do you hurt you FOOT playing SPOONS!?!”

Well, you see, this college is very much unlike my previous college in that the majority of the student body is under 25 instead of over 45. So instead of playing normal spoons with the spoons in the center of a circle and then taking them surreptitiously, we just threw them all around the lounge or had people hide them and then raced to see who could get them first. I did, at a great cost to my chubby little foot.

From the Ruthron: “I…have a very strong urge to do a cover of Constant Angel that’s ABC approved for you.”

DO IT. Please. Por favor. 請. And all the other ways to say please that I don’t know. (Also, the Ruthron sent me some super sweet randomly selected encouraging verses of the day in the mail Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Whatever. They were this and this, if you want to be encouraged, too.)

Second, a poll. My lovely aforementioned Mother, Mother, Best AND Dearest OF Mothers intelligently suggested that my new title be either the “Jubilated Librarian” or the “Bookish Bellringer.” My problem is that I don’t know which is cooler. Ergo, you get to be the deciding voice!

[awkward pause]

Um. Wait. I THOUGHT THERE WAS AN “INSERT POLL” BUTTON! Shoot. I was going to be all fancy and everything, in keeping with my new Very Interesting Campus Blogger personality. Sigh. Y’all can just comment, k?


Third, an update to the scores, since Mother, Mother, Best AND Dearest OF Mothers had such wonderful suggestions:

Twinsie 2


2 Sheep


Mother, Mother, etc.


If you’d like points of your own, simply mail me a picture of a purple sparkly dancing cat.

And last, but not least, your favorite part…“Overheard at ABC!” Student who will not be named: “I don’t want to be a nun. I’m FAR too fond of the idea of being pregnant!”


Pray for us, guys.

College is Strange

I’m Here…That’s All You Need to Know!

Bonus points if you can identify the song I paraphrased there.

Do you know how hard blogging is? Do you know how hard it is to find time to sit down and type something coherent? Do you know how hard it is not to begin rambling about purple cats dancing to Les Mis?

Wait. I’m at ABC. I’m not supposed to dance.

But surely, it’s OK if my cats are dancing? Riiiight? Just like it’s OK if I don’t wear the mandatory freshman lei the rest of the week because I’m a high-level sophomore? (What I really want to do is not wear it, and if anyone mentions it, just look hurt like, “I’m not a freshman! Don’t you remember me?” But I really don’t want to risk wearing the Glasses of Shame. I’m hoping someone–probably a freshman male, because they’re, well, young males–will risk it, because I sort of want to see if/how the Mighty Upperclassmen enforce their fun little first-week rule. But. I digress. I told you this non-rambling writing business was hard!)

ANYHOW, back to what I was saying, which was…..ummm….oh yeah.  I’m settled into my dorm, almost completely oriented, and super pumped to begin classes Wednesday! Today was very long and very full, and tomorrow is has its own new fullnesses, so my bed is calling me. I promise to write more later. And show you pictures.

But, for now, I’m here…and that’s all you need to know.