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In Lieu of Chocolate

How do you even spell “lieu”? Is that right? Spellcheck, help me out. Ok, spellcheck isn’t underlining “lieu” but it is underlining “spellcheck” three times, as well as “ok,” as well as the misspelled “underlinding” that I just corrected. Therefore I’m assuming “lieu” is indeed correct, and I am proceeding from the title on to the actual post.

Just kidding. I’m not assuming anything. Hold for a moment while I go double-check that word.

Yeah, it’s right. Now we can proceed.

Actually, I don’t really have a lot to proceed with. I’m in mourning right now. I want chocolate to sooth my grief. However, as it isn’t readily available, and as it isn’t exactly healthy to drown one’s sorrow with food, I’m blogging instead.

“Awwwww, Betsy!” I hear you solicit with deep concern. “Why so down? Is your cucumber crop poor this year? Did you break your wrist, setting you months behind in your journey toward your senior recital? Did your sewing machine give up the ghost?”

Firstly, I thank you deeply for your angst on my behalf. Rest assured that the cucumber crop was remarkably fruitful this year (my diligent mother has a kitchen full of freshly processed pickles of the bread-and-butter variety as we speak–err, type?); both of my wrists are in fine form, enabling me to plod on toward the not-so-far-off senior recital; and my sewing machine, last I checked, still purrs quite merrily.

No, no. My sorrows spring from quite another source. Continue reading “In Lieu of Chocolate”


Ah, home.

Home. Sitting on the back porch swing, listening to chickens. Feeling the breeze on my face, and watching it dance through the maples. Hearing the wind chime play its wandering, melancholy notes. Laughing at the fierceness of the tiny hummingbirds jealously watching their feeder. Rocking oh-so-gently back and forth as I read my Bible, or pray, or just relax.

Home. Working in the garden with my family. Feeling the hot sun make sweat roll down my nose. Delightedly wiggling my toes in the bare dirt. Imagining with pleasure the happy meals my family will eat with these vegetables next fall and winter. Talking with Ben about lots of things–Civil Air Patrol, and Jeff Shaara, and summer camp, and Once Upon a Time. Hearing the kids laugh and play in the back yard. Avoiding the worms. Knowing that trying to have any sort of manicure for the rest of the summer is a ridiculous thought, and not caring at all. Continue reading “Ah, home.”


Thankful for Thanksgiving Break … or the End of It


  • Being with my favorite people in the world, namely my parents and 2/3 of my siblings.
  • Spending Sunday with my church family at EBC. (On this note, potluck!)
  • Playing games with my family: I wasn’t the Clue Serial Killer this time. Thank goodness.
  • Baking pie and cookies with my baby sister!! Finally, I made something I would be proud to have other people eat. The shameful muffins are but a distant memory.
  • On that note, also eating pie and cookies. Especially cookies. I like cookies.
  • Butchering three deer because I’m a warrior. Ok, ok. I didn’t exactly butcher all three single-handedly. In fact, it took me like half an hour to stop making little whimpery noises every time I touched the…the…gross dead meat carcass thing, which coincidentally was constantly. But still. I helped. Right?
  • Singing with Mom and Ruth. Sometimes off key on purpose, sometimes off key by accident. It really doesn’t matter.
  • Introducing the little siblings to this song.
  • Having internet after midnight.
  • Sleeping for as long as I wanted every morning.
  • Acquiring a hula hoop. Thanks Grandma!
  • Eating my mom’s food. It’s the best.
  • Getting all caught up on Once. Ohmyword. If someone tried to make an accurate family tree, it would be the most crooked tree in the world.
  • Introducing my family to Elf Yourself. My little brothers make good elves.
  • Watching all the Coffee House videos with the little siblings.
  • Talking for hours with Mom and Ruth. About everything.

I definitely just want to stay here and never go back to school like ever.




Off to have nightmares.

I can’t wait to go back to school.