Questions you may have

Who on earth are you?
Well, my name is Betsy, which is a pretty fun name to have. I love words, which makes me a sesquipedalian. I love talking, which makes me a bablatrice. I love cats, which makes me an ailurophile. I love purple, which makes me….nothing. Absolutely nothing, as far as I can find. What’s with that, word makers? Do lovers of purple get no fancy title? I see how you feel about us. I guess we could coin a word: “moberastes,” or “purpuramator,” for example. Or we could go with the slightly more obvious “violaphile,” but THAT makes us sound as if we loved the viola, and we are violinists now and forever. I have hiked in the Grand Canyon. I have been to China. I have written part of a book. I sing all the time, sometimes on key and sometimes not. I have six fantastic siblings. But really, the only thing about me that matters eternally is that I am a child of God.  I hope you are, too.

What on earth is a metaphorical cello?
Well. That’s a little more complicated. You’ve heard this song? If not, watch it. It’s beautiful. It inspired a metaphor which was taken too far, and one of my friends commented, “Whoa whoa whoa…don’t stretch the metaphorical cello!” I needed a name for my blog that was cooler than “Betsy’s Blog.” Metaphorical cello sufficed. Runner-up: Short story long. Pretty much sums up my life.

What on earth are you doing with your life?
For the time being, I’m studying theology + piano performance. Sooner than I think, I suppose I’ll be gradumatated, and I have no clue what I’ll be doing then. I welcome your suggestions.

Do you have a favorite joke you’d like to share?
Why, yes, as a matter of fact! What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?
(That’s the end. Isn’t it funny?)

Will you be creeped out if I comment on every single one of your posts and send you videos of myself covering songs from Broadway musicals?
Abso-stinkin-lutely not. In fact, I would love it.


2 thoughts on “Questions you may have

  1. I was about to suggest violaphile too, but I had the same problem as you did. And then I read the rest of that bit. How about “purpuraphile” (strangely enough, spell check accepts the spelling “purpurophile” which as far as Google knows is not actually a word) or “purpurachromatophile” or “vilochromatophile”?

    My favorite though is “amethustophile.” Technically, that would be a lover of Amethyst. But that’s also totally a valid way to refer to the color of purple too. Just like “violet” doesn’t always mean a flower. You know that already, of course… I’m just preemptively building my defense to your inevitable complaint that my awesome new word isn’t accurate enough. Which is totally what you were thinking when you read it. Am I right?

  2. Hello 🙂
    My name is Raechel (Hmmm, though I bet that will appear when I post the comment, so it’s been said twice…). Anyway, I have a question for ye, but I was wondering if I could do it through email? If you would be so kind, you can find my email on my blog on the page “Contact me” – or you could leave a comment on my blog with your email address and leave it unpublished. And of course, if this doesn’t suit you either, I’d understand. 🙂 I’m sorry to intrude!
    Enjoying your blog, I am!
    In Christ,
    (There, I’ve stated my name thrice. For good measure, you know. ;))

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