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Finishing our evening Bible reading:
Logan: “What time is it?”
Me: “9:30.”
Logan: “Oh my word! I had no idea it was SO. LATE!”

Discussing the names of our future children:
Logan: “I feel like you’re relegating all of my ideas to middle name status.”
Me: “What are you talking about?”
Logan: “You know, like Hazard. . . . ”
Me: “Hazard. has NEVER. even been a middle name option. Ever.”
Logan: “I thought you said we could use it for a middle name!”
Me: “I probably said we could use it for a dog’s name.”
Logan: “But we don’t want a dog.”
Me: ” . . . .”

I’m not the only critic:
Me: “How about Eleanor?”
Logan: “EVERYONE would IMMEDIATELY think of Eleanor Roosevelt.”
Me: “She’s been dead for many years.”
Logan: “It’s a cultural reference.”
Me: “You’ve never even heard of Beyonce*. What do you know about cultural references???!”
—*note: this is not something I hold against the man.

On cleanliness:
Logan: “Is this a chip on the floor?”
Me: “That would imply that I ate the chips while you were gone . . . and that I was too lazy to vacuum . . . would you imply those things about your wife???!!?”

This is a daily occurrence:
Logan: “Can we make brownies??!!!”

Another daily conversation:
Logan: “Did you get the mail today?”
Me: “whoops . . . again.”

On my flirting face:
Me: “Oh Looooooooogaaaaaaaan . . . ”
Logan: *sighs* ” Where’s the bug?”

Weekend routines:
Logan: “Do you want to watch a movie tonight?”
Me: (un-enthusiastically) “Sure I guess.”
Logan: “Don’t you want to fold laundry?”
Me: “If I wanted to fold laundry, it would not still be in those baskets.”

I try:
Me: “This is my favorite dancing song! Come dance with me!” (grabs his hands and starts twirling)
Logan: (forcing an uncomfortable smile and slightly moving one foot) “Yes dear.”

Clocks are gross:
Logan: “Don’t we need to go in twenty minutes?”
Me: “Trust me I’m a pro at being ready in twenty minutes!!!!!!!!!”

Sure it was a “childhood”:
Logan: “*insert some obscure political event from the 90s*”
Me: “How do you remember that?”
Logan: “I was six!! Didn’t you watch the news when you were six?”

As long as we’re on the topic of age:
Logan: “Did you get the mail today?”
Me: “Yes, for once. Guess what you got? Your first AARP invitation!!!”
Logan: ” . . . this does not mean I’m old.”
Me: “Whatever you say, oh ancient one.”

Ah. Married life. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. ❤




7 thoughts on “Snippets”

  1. Haha I find the name snippets hilarious! I have an inordinate delight for the Hebrew language and already have half a dozen old Hebrew names nobody else uses listed for my future children. Just have to hope my future husband doesn’t think them as irregular as most would. :/

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