College is Strange

Beware of Superlatives

Dear family, friends, acquaintances 2.0, and mortal enemies;

Greetings from the beautiful Appalachian mountain ranges! Yes, you heard me correctly; I have flown the land of cave crickets to dwell in the land of … these bugs. Don’t know what it is, and I’ve only seen it once, and I hope that’s the end of our relationship. 140820_0000

It’s been an eventful week; we left home early Monday morning (after Dad graciously found a way to fit all my piles of stuff in the back of the van), and arrived at school late in the afternoon. After kindly lugging the aforementioned stuff up a lot of stairs, and also getting my couch from the basement, and also getting some random and miscellaneous items from the basement, and also buying me supper, the family waved goodbye and headed off to go cabin-ing for the week. I stared at my piles of stuff disconsolately for a while, wondering why on earth I had so much, but eventually it got scrambled into some semblance of order.

ugh. :P
ugh. 😛
much better..and purpler! Also, my dear parents bought me popcorn and the jumbo pack of Saltines…for sharing, of course.

Tuesday began our RA training week, and it’s been a wonderful time. The team has come together great, and I’m really looking forward to working with them and getting to know them better this year. The deans are especially fantastic and I already love them muchly. Event-wise, I was able to successfully become approved to drive the school’s 15-passenger vans, which was super scary. I haven’t disclosed on the world-wide interwebs the number of times I failed my driving test, nor did I disclose that little tidbit of information to the tester and the other RA’s as we were getting ready to pull out of the parking lot with me at the wheel. I did, however, betray myself with excessive whimpering and white-knuckled wheel-clutching. I confess my fears were mostly unfounded; it didn’t actually feel that much bigger than our Astro van. Though I didn’t have to back it up or parallel park it or anything like that, so that may have been much more difficult.

I also passed my CPR certification course, so I know what to do if I come across anyone choking, having a heart attack, simply not breathing, etc. Will I be cool-headed enough to do it? I suppose I’ll only know that if I’m someday in that situation…which I fervently, fervently hope will never happen. Have I already used “fervently” in this post? I don’t even know, nor do I care too much. I might have a few extra superlatives in here and that’s just fine.

In addition to becoming such a certified individual, it’s just been a huge blessing to get to know the deans and the other R.A’s. They’re some fabulous folks. It’s also stinkin’ exciting getting to know the new students who came in yesterday. So far they all seem super cool. (And no, I’m not saying that because I think they’re going to read this. I just honestly think they’re cool. Though it is a little weird seeing some of them who are younger siblings of other students I knew from last year; a few make me do a double-take, the sibling resemblance is so strong.)

Tomorrow, returning students…return, and classes commence again on Wednesday. Wait a minute. “Commence” means “begin,” right? According to Merriam-Webster, it does. So why do we have “commencement” at the end of the school year?

Oh well.

Oh oh oh! I also decorated my door. 100_9236And yes, yes I do have a duck to hug.

It’s gonna be a superlatively great year.


1 thought on “Beware of Superlatives”

  1. 🙂 You remind me of my school days in Georgia. And terror of my roommate driving the school van. Which really wasn’t bad until we hit Atlanta traffic. But we always survived!

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