Five Glass Slippers, Home

Cinderella? Me?

For the day, at least!

Amber Stokes (aka the Fairy Godmother) over at Seasons of Humility is hosting a week-long blog tour of Five Glass Slippers! (If you’re getting tired of me talking about this book so much…my boundless enthusiasm should calm itself a little bit eventually, and then I can get back to the weird holidays and sparkly cat stories you’re really here for).

Anyhow. Where was I? Oh yes! The blog tour! This is my first time taking part in something like this, so I’m pretty excited about it! We’ve got ballgowns, Cinderella anecdotes (I just love that word), interview questions, a sweet giveaway… My mother can tell you that I put a lot of thought and effort into answering some of the questions these delightful bloggers had, my Pinterest followers can tell you that I put a lot of thought and effort into picking the exact perfect ballgown, and I myself can tell you that I had a great idea of something I could contribute to the giveaway that I never made because working at Dairy Queen watching John Wayne doing important stuff making strawberry rhubarb jam okay, okay, just plain procrastination. Don’t be like me. It’s a fantastic prize though, so I wasn’t needed after all. (Also, Pinterest followers, sorry for flooding you with floofy dress pictures. Deadlines and stuff.) But you can go see all that for yourselves, if you’re interested. Don’t forget to follow along the rest of the week as Emma Clifton, Rachel Heffington, Stephanie Ricker, and Clara Diane Thompson all get their turn to be Cinderella for the day! And don’t forget that the Five Glass Slippers Kindle edition is just $0.99 this week. So that’s exciting if you’re into reading electronically.

(Also, if you’re wandered over here because of the blog tour…hullo and welcome! Nice to meet you! Care for a cup of tea? Have a cat story to share? A favorite Chinese recipe to pass along? Lyrics from your favorite musical to type to me because you don’t actually know me so you’re probably not comfortable with sending me a video of yourself singing, though I would totally accept that? Run-on sentences, misspellings/pronunciations/grammatical errors to correct? Please feel free to stay and chat a while!)

As long as we’re on the topic of literature, I’m looking at a summer full of it. I’ll be reviewing The Word Changers sometime in the next few weeks, I was privileged to be a first reader of the infamous Scott Paris‘s latest short story, I have a story by another Elisabeth to read and review, and my Dad just gave me the best idea for a Beauty and the Beast tale…but I’ll have to research cat burglary to write it. And I’m still plowing through Gods and Generals, and I need to read North and South because I never have. And I need to write a bunch of cool emails to Ben and Ruth who have both flown the coop for the summer. Words! Words! Words! Words!

So that was a lot of hyperlinks. Is that what they’re called? (Do you think Link from Rhett & Link is called HyperLink when he’s feeling a little sugar high? Just like Michael Rowe should totally have a trademark salutation nicknamed the Mike Rowe Wave.)

In other news, life has been fun with work and Simeon being home. This transaction took place at work the other night:

Unknown DQ employee #1, over the headset: Ummmm, guys? I sorta left my headset on when I left the building…but it’s already locked. Can someone come get these things?
Unknown DQ employee #2, arriving at the door: Ooooh, Betsy Unknown DQ employee #1. It’s going to be a fun summer working with you, isn’t it?

And this happens when Simeon’s home:

Simeon: Did I hear someone say “funky”? cue “Funkytown” xylophone solo

Shoot. I’m going to fall asleep with that playing in my ears.

Bonus points if you find and identify the song reference. I wanted to make it a little more tricksey.


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