But Seriously

Maybe it’s me

So, yesterday I wrote a post about what boys shouldn’t say to girls. However, thanks to some feedback from some good friends, I realized that there are a few ways girls should never ever respond to boys, too. Here ya go.

Ways Girls Should Never Respond to Boys

*something I have definitely not yet mastered

  1. Over-analyzing everything they say.
    If he said, “Are you feeling OK? You don’t look good,” what he means is probably “I’m your friend and I care about how your day is going,” NOT “Wow, Betsy, you sure look gross today.” I have a tendency to way over-think simple statements. Not a good way to make friends. Sometimes boys say tactless things. Don’t take it out of context.
    Sometimes, though, boys say things like “You look like you want to bite and scratch people.” Even without over-analyzing that one, it’s pretty weird. Which is number two.
  2. Holding on to it forever.
    Seriously. Let it go.Let it goDon’t bring it up for seventeen months. Don’t blog about it. Move on. You have better things to be doing with your life, probably. Chances are, he’s actually a nice guy. Don’t discourage his attempts at chivalry and niceness, no matter of how awkward they turn out to be.

All that to say, sometimes guys say upsetting things. But maybe it’s not their fault. Maybe it’s … me.

Wait. If I’m open to the possibility that I’m the one at fault, I’ll never be able to write good songs like Taylor Swift does! Shoot. There goes my hope of fame.

Obviously, I’m really bad at following this list, and I’m sure I’m missing a lot of stuff. If you have extra advice on how to be a nicer person, please let me know. And if you’re a guy and I’ve insulted you by ripping something you said out of context and then viciously holding it over your head for ages, I am truly sorry.

(Also, sorry about getting that song stuck in your head. I really am.)


2 thoughts on “Maybe it’s me”

  1. Greeeaaaat. Now Let It Go really IS stuck in my head.
    By the way, you really are a nice person… Like probably nicer than me.

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