College is Strange

A lesson from outside the classroom

For the most part, school is but a distant memory, and I’m happy that way. However, there are some stories from school which deserve remembrance, even during the summer. One of those is The Scott Paris School of Trust. One is Taking Walks with Kristen. And one is Things Boys Should Never Say to Girls.

Any boys reading this, take note. Never ever say these things to any female ever. Except me. You can say it to me because then I have something to blog about.

Things Boys Should Never Say to Girls

names redacted for privacy purposes

  1. “Betsy. No one cares how you feel!”
    Thanks. Thanks a lot. Maybe I don’t care if you don’t care! …except, seeing as I’ve remembered it so long, I obviously do.
  2. “Betsy, you look like you should be a model … for cartoon faces.”
    Um. Excuse me? How is that a good thing?
  3. “Betsy, your face just makes me think that one day you’re going to start biting and scratching people.”
    Starting with you, sir.
  4. “Betsy, with a face like that, you’re sure to attract the village idiot some day!”
    You know who you are.
  5. “Betsy, are you feeling okay? You don’t look good.”
    I guess I should be thankful you actually DO care how I feel today…but the wording, sir, the wording. (This actually happened more than once.)
  6. “Betsy, are you sure you should be eating that chocolate cake?”
    Why are we even friends.

I suppose there could potentially be things girls shouldn’t say to boys, too, but I’m fairly ignorant about that. Maaaaaybe that’s my problem…


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