There’s Change Comin’…

(again, song source = bonus points…which I should probably update, hmm?)

So many things are going on at the House of Brown. (You know, when we moved, I really wanted to name our home. Elizabeth Bennet lived at Longbourne…Mr. Rochester lived at Thornfield…Mr. Darcy lived at Pemberly…why do we just live at “our house”? Anyhow, my suggestion was “Browncastle,” but that never caught on, so it’s still merely “the House of Brown.”) Anyhow. I’m talking about radical stuff, here.

Firstly. Sleeping habits. Back in the day when I was a youngster, I was most definitely a night person. Last summer, before I went to China, I would regularly stay up past midnight. After I came home from school this spring, I couldn’t force my eyelids open past like 10:00. And then I woke up early…well, relatively early, for me at least. I’m not numbering numbers because I’ve always felt touchy about that subject. Right now, it’s 9:30…and I’m seriously planning on going to bed when I’m done with this post. What happened to me? Am I getting old?

Second. Jobs. Somehow, I’ve ended up making ice cream in a fast food place. Not what I ever planned on. When I told one of my coworkers that I work in a library during the school year, she gave me a really weird look. Apparently, that doesn’t sound like a fun job to everyone. How did I go from competent (I hope, at least…) librarian to butterfingered blizzard maker? (Please don’t call me that.) I’m super thankful God provided, and I’m really excited to get to know my coworkers better, but it’s not what I was envisioning. How did I get here? Also, Ben and Ruth are both leaving in under a week to work at camps this summer…and so I’ll be here with just my parents and the little kids. Ruth’s been working for a few years, but this is Ben’s first time…when did my little brother grow up?

Third. Reading habits. I just finished Michael Shaara’s Killer Angels yesterday. I not only made it through 355 pages of battle, but I actually liked it. So much that I cried. So much that I promptly began Gods and Generals. So much that I changed the name of my firstborn son from Archibald Jr. to Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. So much that I’m actually excited to watch all four hours of the movie. Guys. I have always intensely, passionately, (hold on while I look up more synonyms for that concept), forcefully, severely, extremely, extraordinarily, ardently, violently, earnestly, fervently, (okay, I think you’ve got the idea) LOATHED war movies. Hated. Abhorred, despised, detested. And now I can’t wait to watch Gettysburg with Ruth and Ben. Seriously. WHO AM I AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH BETSY?

Fourth. My facial hair. I decided to stop shaving over the summer…

Keep it or no?
What do you think? Keep it or no?

Ruth’s got a pretty nice Chamberlain ‘stache, too. But I don’t have a good picture of that and she’s sitting an entire two feet away, and that’s way too far to bother photographing, so if you want to see, let me know and I’ll find some way to blackmail her into it. Speaking of facial hair, somehow or other we got onto the discussion tonight of what animals would look the weirdest with mustaches. Your vote?mustache elephant mustache fox mustache parrot Mustache Pig mustache possum

Yeah. It’s definitely bedtime.


7 thoughts on “There’s Change Comin’…”

  1. Firstly: If you keep on with this change the way you are we might not be quite as twinsie-ly-ish. Even though you’ll always be my twin… you know what I mean though. War books?! *scoff* I mean, I don’t even know what song you referenced… it must not be a song I know because I *ALWAYS* catch your references. We are in serious need of some mental synchronization. Our telepathy is waning from prolonged separation.

    Secondly: BROWNCASTLE. That’s a thing now. Why did that never catch on?

    Also, the elephant, I think.

  2. I definitely have some war movie suggestions for you now that you have gained an appreciation (finally!). 🙂 You really ought to try The Great Escape (both book and movie). The Alamo is also quite good. You did know that I was a war movie person, right? I could go on and on about the fascinating book I just read about Vietnam, but I wont. 🙂 Can you be a blizzard barista? Because now I want to call you Betsy the *refraining from using the word mentioned above* Blizzard Barista.

    Seriously, change is a good thing and sometimes it happens upon us unexpectedly and we get to discover all sorts of new things about us, some good and some bad. Praying that you will have a wonderful summer 🙂

    P.s. we should talk

    P.p.s. I kinda like the fox

    1. Ahem. Enjoying one good book and desiring to see if the movie lives up to it is a far, far different thing than gaining an appreciation for war movies in general. I watched one the other day and basically all I know about it was that people were killing each other. Literally. That’s all I got from it.
      Yes, we should talk. 🙂

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