But Seriously, College is Strange

The end of the beginning

Finals are over.

People are packing.

Goodbyes are being started.

Jubilate tour is rapidly approaching.

It’s hard for me to believe that my third year of college is nearly over. In high school, I really couldn’t imagine suffering through four years of college…and three have flown by already. This year has been so wonderful, so I decided to write a poem about it. I present to you

“Betsy Ruminates on her Second Sophomore Year”


My sophomore year: Well. what to say. Friendships were made:
Like my vicious RA,
Who poked my sides
But also let me sit on her floor and eat her cookies and cry.
And she’s graduating,
And that’s making
Me happy, because that means she can go do cool stuff,
But that means that I’ll be left without her, which feels sort of rough.
Or my sweet roomie Jenna
who’s never really been a
roommate before because she has no sisters
but she was really nice, and didn’t get mad at me when I was super loud every morning, and I’ll really miss her.
She introduced me to manicures
And had interesting ways to shut the doors.
(Like shoes
Because we just didn’t want to actually move.)
And her cousin Katie
Who, as of lately,
(And actually as of always) has encouraged me,
And is going to teach me how to be
Not so awkward, which I could avoid in the first place
By talking less and using more grace.
And then there’s Samantha,
Whom I really can’t-a
Imagine being without next year
And I’ll probably shed some tears
Because we were chorale buddies, and she
Saved my life when Micah would have let me be.
And there’s Megan and Mel
And Leah as well
And Ashley, and Kasie, and Jenni and Beth
(my checkmates who always withstood my bad breath)
(Just kidding, I don’t have bad breath most the time
But it’s the only word which fit my rhyme)
And so many others
Sweet sisters and brothers
Too many to name
But all of whose fame
Should really be great,
Because, well, they’re great.
(I rhymed that word with itself
Because I’m unfortunately not a word-making elf
And this poem is hard, and I’ll take what rhymes I can get
And believe me, it will get worse yet
Like my puns, which I’ve heard are terribly bad
But hey, they’re the funniest jokes that I’ve had).
This year has been
A bucket of fun
With hikes taken
And ankles breaken
(I know that’s not right
But it’s late at night)
And songs were sung,
And bells were rung.
I went to Greek
Four times a week
And it was the best,
even better than the rest.
I loved getting mail,
Although I did fail
As a pen pal.
Sorry, Cub and Lil.
We ate lots of popcorn
Whenever we felt forlorn
Or was that just me?
It matters not. Because we
Are out of popcorn anyhow
And so now
It’s time to go home
After Jubilate is done
(If you’re from the Midwest, make sure that you
Come to a concert and bid us helloo).
Summer will be so very wonderful
With Ben, Lilly, and Cub, and adventures galore.
And working at Brookes
Re-shelving more books
And riding our bikes
And taking warm hikes
And going to church with my sweet family–
How I’ve missed you all from EBC!
But I’ll miss my family at Crow here now, too,
Because this year with them has been just a hullabaloo,
And I’ve grown to love everyone here,
And going to church always fills me with cheer,
Especially our van rides. I’ll really miss them,
But not Logan’s backseat driving. Ahem.
Not will I miss aural skills 1
which is finally done
But I have three more
Semesters of it, so I shouldn’t rejoice in a manner premature.
My sophomore year:
Oh, how I fear
That this time wasn’t all
That it could have been; that each fall
And each victory
Were not seen clearly
As moments to learn.
Did I spurn
these times? Did I cherish them well?
I really wish that I could tell.
Did I grow like I could have?
Or like I should have?
I really don’t know.
I can see
How God has been at work both in and through me
Which I don’t deserve, because one thing I’ve learned
This year is how great a sinner I am, and sometimes I have spurned
Opportunities He gave where I could show
Love and grace, but instead I know
I didn’t. But, like my lovely RA shared with me this week
It’s not what we earn; for when we seek
His face, He is faithful, even though
We are faithless, and I know
That He’s used this sophomore year
For good. And there’s nothing to fear.
And next time when I’m back,
He’ll be at work more, and nothing I’ll lack
When I ask Him, because He’s good.
The end.


What thinkest thou?

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