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A Truly Auspicious Day

Today–Monday, the twenty-first of April, Anno Domini 2014–is a very great day.

Why? Two reasons.

First, and of utmost importance, my big-little brother turns sixteen today. Sixteen.

Five-year-old me was dead set on having a baby sister. I can remember quite clearly, in fact, yelling at my oldest brother in disbelief when he told me that Mom had had a boy. How could he insinuate such things? Liar! Of course Mom was going to have a girl!!

Then Grandma and Grandpa took us to the hospital, and I got to hold my baby brother. It was love at first sight. Who wants baby sisters anyhow? (Just kidding–I also love them. In fact, when Lilly was born I think Ruth and I maybe screamed a little in happiness. But that’s a different story.)

Fast forward–isn’t that a strange phrase? Just think, not so long ago its meaning would have been completely unintelligible. Now we use it as if it has always been in our lexical arsenal. At any rate, fast forward sixteen years, and now that adorable baby boy is now a handsome young man. (Does that embarrass you, Ben? You’ll notice I didn’t use the term “cute” because even I know that’s going over the line.) However, more than just being attractive, Ben’s grown into a godly young man who knows how to work, who knows how to take responsibility, who knows how to protect the ones he loves, who knows how to hug. I’ve had my share of bossy-overbearing-big-sister moments, and he’s had one or two of his own moments, but overall, God’s given us a good relationship. Ben, I just wanted the world to know (and by “world,” I mean “my four followers”) to know that I love you, I’m proud of you, and I thank God that you weren’t a girl. Happy sweet sixteen! Want to can more beans this summer?


P.S. For bonus points, sing “Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen” to Ben today. Also, I want video evidence.

Of secondary importance, I was interviewed by Anne Elisabeth Stengl today! (I repeat, if you haven’t read her books, do.) Hop over there to join the conversation and enter to win a fabulous Five Glass Slippers mug! You know you want it.


Please ignore the black eye I have in that photo. My webcam is terrible, but the best way for me to take selfies.

May your Monday be as fantastic as mine is looking to be!



3 thoughts on “A Truly Auspicious Day”

  1. I sang as much of “Happy birthday sweet sixteen” as I could remember. Well, that would be the first line, but I did it! I can’t believe you would demand video evidence from your own “Mother, Mother etc” If a girl can’t trust her mother . . .

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