College is Strange

I’m getting good at math

I wrote this Tuesday night, but I never got around to posting it. Because I believe in recycling and saving polar bears and stuff like that, though, I am definitely not going to waste it! So here it is.

1  bag of popcorn (inscribed “With love, Mom and Dad”), popped + 1 bottle of water, cold and (hopefully) invigorating + 1 purple cat named Nora, cuddly and warm (courtesy of Ruth!!) + 1 pair chopsticks (for the popcorn…just in case, you know) + 1 jumbo hula hoop for warding off drowsiness (courtesy of Grandma and the Andersons who graciously tied it to the top of their car for some 500 miles, to the delight of the toll booth ladies) + 1 blanket, because windows are cold + 1 stack of Greek homework + 1 pair of headphones (courtesy of Jenna) and a playlist of Josh Groban + 1 tube of red velvet Chapstick, because my name is Betsy and I’m addicted to lip balm (and also straws, but that’s a different story) + 1 incredibly encouraging letter from my amazing roommate + 1 unfinished psychology paper = 1 LAST late lights, Lord willing, before the end of the semester!!


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