College is Strange


No, I don’t mean that I need to clean my room. Well, OK. My desk may be just a teensy-weensy bit messy. Also, I think I need to take out the trash. But Jenna and I have passed BOTH room inspections this week (unlike SOME people who got INFRACTIONS!), so we must be doing pretty well.

No, no. What I mean by “housekeeping” is that I have a few random, desultory, and otherwise catagory-less issues to address…beginning with fan mail.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Fan mail. Now, before you roll your eyes in exasperation at my presumptuousness, let me assure you, dear reader, that I am quite serious. I have fans! My mother, first of all, obviously. And since she’s like one of the coolest people to have ever graced the face of the terrestrial globe, I’m pretty proud of having acquired that fan. And also my bestest friends. But that’s not all. Two–yes, TWO!–students came up to me after my last post and told me they like my blog. And now one’s, like, pressuring me to write again because I’m so witty and I make her laugh and all that stuff. Sigh. Guys. It’s so difficult, dealing with fans! Also, now I may or may not have to watch whom I quote on here… But anyhow. Onto the fan mail.

Joy asks, “HOW do you hurt you FOOT playing SPOONS!?!”

Well, you see, this college is very much unlike my previous college in that the majority of the student body is under 25 instead of over 45. So instead of playing normal spoons with the spoons in the center of a circle and then taking them surreptitiously, we just threw them all around the lounge or had people hide them and then raced to see who could get them first. I did, at a great cost to my chubby little foot.

From the Ruthron: “I…have a very strong urge to do a cover of Constant Angel that’s ABC approved for you.”

DO IT. Please. Por favor. 請. And all the other ways to say please that I don’t know. (Also, the Ruthron sent me some super sweet randomly selected encouraging verses of the day in the mail Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Whatever. They were this and this, if you want to be encouraged, too.)

Second, a poll. My lovely aforementioned Mother, Mother, Best AND Dearest OF Mothers intelligently suggested that my new title be either the “Jubilated Librarian” or the “Bookish Bellringer.” My problem is that I don’t know which is cooler. Ergo, you get to be the deciding voice!

[awkward pause]

Um. Wait. I THOUGHT THERE WAS AN “INSERT POLL” BUTTON! Shoot. I was going to be all fancy and everything, in keeping with my new Very Interesting Campus Blogger personality. Sigh. Y’all can just comment, k?


Third, an update to the scores, since Mother, Mother, Best AND Dearest OF Mothers had such wonderful suggestions:

Twinsie 2


2 Sheep


Mother, Mother, etc.


If you’d like points of your own, simply mail me a picture of a purple sparkly dancing cat.

And last, but not least, your favorite part…“Overheard at ABC!” Student who will not be named: “I don’t want to be a nun. I’m FAR too fond of the idea of being pregnant!”


Pray for us, guys.


10 thoughts on “Housekeeping”

  1. SUCH inspiring verses!
    Purple sparkly cat? Ooh. I am SO on it! *Runs like mad woman toward the glitterglue*
    Um, yeah. It might look like a 3 year old made it…

  2. Why does it only let me vote once?
    And, should I have some points? At least handicap points if nothing else.
    If “Jibing Librarian” were a choice, maybe I’d vote for it. How about Jingle Bets?
    Is there a bell on the library countertop for someone to ring of there is no librarian in sight?
    Don’t you like it when people just start posting stuff because they want to, not because it has much to do with the topic of the blog?

  3. I definitely think you need a bell. That truly makes you a bookish bellringer, except that you aren’t the one ringing the bell in the library, are you? who is Sergio? and why do you have to hide the bell? Well anyhow I was going to discuss what type of bell I think you should get, but then I found out that you already have one. I hope it isn’t one of those uninspiring bells that you merely bang on the top of with your hand. If it is, perhaps you could take your own or donate a classier model. I was thinking a small bell that can be rung with class and flare, so that if a person wished, they could extend there pinky while ringing. You know, like the kind they put on an invalid’s tray in old TV shows. Why do I have points? What are they for? How do I go about getting more than Berea and Ruth?
    I like Jingle Bets, it fits your personality. I also like the “Here comes Betsy the Bookish Bellringer”. It makes it sounds as if you were someone that people need to be warned about? Oh and give Dad some points, he is special! I am your biggest fan! M

  4. Definitely agree that a classier bell is needed. Especially concerning pinkies. If you don’t hold your pinky up then “you ain’t got elegence” and we all know that Betsy most definitely has elegance 🙂

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