College is Strange

I’m Lovin’ It

Guys. Remember that last post where I was feeling whiny? Just kidding.

I am absolutely loving being here.

I love working in the library. I worked again today and got to do “accessioning,” (which is totes NOT as cool at cataloging…I don’t get to pick out the 650 fields!…but still quite enjoyable) and help people find books and eavesdrop on conversations… “You know what would make my day 10,000 times better? If a girl would propose and ask me to marry her.” Um. 什麼?

I love being a part of the Jubilate. Ok, ok. All we did today was learn how to set up and take down the bell tables. But yesterday we got to listen to last year’s Jubilate play in chapel and it was incredible. I AM SO EXCITED! THAT’LL BE ME NEXT YEAR!!!

I love being part of the chorale. I haven’t yet been told I’m not in, so I’m assuming I am in, for now at least. May I just say that there’s nothing quite as gorgeous as a good manly voice? It’s like singing with Josh Grobans. Minus the cello eyes. Sigh.

I love going to classes. Archaeology? Yes! Psychology? Yes! Apologetics? Yes! Sociology of the Family? Yes! Intro to Computers? Well….ok. Maybe not as much. But still. My professor asked us to introduce ourselves today by giving our names, favorite candy, and what celebrity we resemble (I don’t know! Josh Groban, maybe? That’s the only celebrity I know!), and he said he’ll start each class with some Calvin & Hobbes. So it will be good.

I love hanging out with friends. Whether it’s having my childhood twitterpation dreams crushed by my roomie, chatting with my fellow librarians (Kristin is the best, of course!!), or taking turns with the clicky counter as people enter the dining hall, this is just really fun.

What I love most of all, though, is what I did tonight–just gathered with a group to sing praises to our great God during free time. These people really love the Lord. In the “GUYS! We’re CHILDREN OF GOD! That is AWESOME, amen? Let’s sing to Him!!! Can we pray together before we leave?” kind of way.

Yup, I’m loving it. Thanks, Father, for letting me be a part of this school.


4 thoughts on “I’m Lovin’ It”

  1. You resemble Josh Groban? OKAY! I’ll accept that as headcanon.

    Even if I were qualified in some way to be part of the Chorale (such as reading music or…you know, being a student at ABC), I don’t think I could stand it, Being in a room with that much talent. I couldn’t contain myself. I would just smile like a goof, shut up, close my eyes, and listen.

    SO glad you’re loving it. But it’s not McDonalds, okay?

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