College is Strange, In the Library


That title sounds like the last chapter of a boring mystery book. But this is not a boring mystery book. It is my new blog. Just in case you were wondering. (Though if I ever do write a mystery book–boring or otherwise–I promise you’ll be the first to know.) I picked that title because I wasn’t feeling very creative and because I just wanted to clear up a few things I left vague in my last post–which was, coincidentally, also my first post. Strange, no?

1. The genius, witty, oh-so-intelligent title I used is from “A Little Fall of Rain,” from Les Mis. Yes, I know pretty much every line of every song. Except the bad ones. Is that a problem? Twinsie 2 (I’m calling you T2 from now on. I hope that’s OK, ‘cuz you have no choice) was the first to correctly answer this, though my lovely friend “2sheepandallama” also knew. T2 also identified another song reference….though that one is a bit more obscure and needs its own post. Plus, that gives me something to write about later.

Bonus Points Score

  • T2: 2
  • 2sheep: 1.

The rest of y’all are going to have to work hard to catch up. But don’t fear! I have another super-fun competition planned!!!!!

2. How exactly did I manage to fit a cat into my room, let alone convince the school to let me keep a cat–and a rule breaking purple cat at that!!–in the first place? Well, in all modesty, I must admit….I have skills. Also, they don’t know yet. (I did learn this morning that one student acquired six ducks one year–to impress a lady friend, of course–and kept them in a dripping shower in the guys’ dorm. I’m guessing not for very long, however.)

3. Shoot. What was number 3? Oh yes. The Glasses of Shame. Yup, they enforce it! By walking around each table at lunch with said Glasses and distributing them to non-lei-wearing freshmen. One of the new students (a guy, of course) tested for us! Thanks! Though one of the other guys was also given a pair of these Glasses of Shame, having lost his lei–and he is keeping said Glasses of Shame in his pocket. Soooo, not much shame there.

4. Why is my cat not sparkly? Good point. I’ll add “glitter” to my Walmart list.

In new business, I auditioned for Jubilate–the handbell team–this morning, and I *think* I will make it!! Mrs. A said that not a lot of students have tried out thus far. Plus, I can sight-read. Plus, I ran the kids’ bell chorus at church. So yeah. I’m basically a bell-ringer. I hope.
I also interviewed for a position in the library, but I don’t think I’ll get that position. The librarian only had two positions open, and he prefers to give them to returning students, because they are running out of time to work, and he’d like to have some more guys working in there for safety/security reasons. However, he was impressed with my experience (thanks Kathleen!!!), so maybe I’ll get it next year. I sent in my application to work on-campus over a month ago, so I think I’m high enough up in line to get a job somewhere; I just have to wait and see where!

~~~~~~~~~BREAKING NEWS FLASH~~~~~~~~~

Seriously. I am so so so excited about this. God is gracious, isn’t He?
Guys. Too much excitement. AND classes are finally starting tomorrow.
I need to go to bed.

5 thoughts on “Answers”

  1. I think I would want to wear the glasses of shame. That’s probably just me crying out for attention, though. *NOTICE MEH! BE MAH FRIEND! LOOK AT THESE SHAMEFUL GLASSES. THEY MAKE MEH IMPORTANT.*
    Ahahaha. You DO have mega-skills! And you are VERY modest about it too.
    So it’s a cat, not a ghost for a roomie, and you are acquiring glitter soon? That’s good to know.
    I have two points! Yay! Although, tbqh, my secondary song reference was first prompted by your other friend who seemed to think there was a POTO reference. So. That point is probably hers as well.

    T2 sounds a bit weird, but I’ll go with it. Sure.

  2. Mom should get a point for her “jubilated librarian or bookish bellringer” suggestions! I nominate her for a point!
    And, my computer says it is August 27th, while your blog is dated August 28th! I knew you were in a different time zone. Are you still on China calender?

  3. I am in awe of your skills and especially your modesty. Congrats on the library job—and I think your mom should get a point for her creative titles as well. Hope you have a great first day of classes!

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